• Outtawak


    Join us on Thursday 23rd November from 6.30pm for the hilariously funny variety show starring Rob Rosenlund, Tony Jeffrey & Dave 'Davo' Mitchell - tickets just $35pp!

  • Whole Lotta ACDC

    Whole Lotta ACDC

    Join us on Saturday 25th November for the FREE Whole Lotta ACDC tribute show!

  • 60's Vs 70's

    60's Vs 70's

    Join us on Saturday 2nd December to relive all the hits of the swinging 60's and rock'in 70's in the FREE 60's Vs 70's Tribute Show!

  • Taylor Swift, Pink & Disco Express

    Taylor Swift, Pink & Disco Express

    Join us on Saturday 9th December from 8.30pm for our FREE Triple Header tribute show - Taylor Swift, Pink & Disco Express!